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Hatcher Mangoes are the BEST ON EARTH!

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The Mango Stand Opens for Last Day Saturday, Aug. 15

Saturday: 12 noon until sold out


Sadly, we are approaching the end of our Hatcher Mango season!  The trees are almost bare.  We hope you have enjoyed the taste of these SUPERIOR MANGOES that are freshly picked daily just for you! 

Our organically grown mangoes are ripe and at their peak of readiness before they come off the trees and what a difference that makes when it comes to the fun of eating these wonderful mangoes.  They are SO juicy and sweet . . . . . ummmmmmmmmm!!  In addition to our own popular Hatcher mangoes, this year we are also offering delicious Hatcher mango jam, Hatcher mango nut bread, and frozen Hatcher mango chunks, all available at the stand. And for some mango culinary inspiration, pick up a copy of Hatcher's Mango Thrills recipe book with over 200 family recipes, also available at the stand.


Our Hatcher family wants to thank each of you that have been coming here for years along with many others now that have discovered us recently.  It has been a pleasure to provide our mangoes to each of you and it's always been fun for us to hear the excitement they caused once someone was able to experience their own Hatcher mango, some for the very first time.  We always enjoy seeing each of you again and learning how you have been and hearing your latest news.

We thank you for your interest and we are especially pleased that so many of you agree with us that the Hatcher mango REALLY IS THE BEST ! ! We love to hear from you so send us your stories, comments, and pictures.  Please stay well and we'll be seeing you again soon.

We hope to see YOU on the Hill, c'mon up!

--Marilynn Hatcher
Aug. 14, 2015

  The Hatcher Mango was chosen as superior Florida mangoes by Slow Food and listed in their Ark of Taste.


The US Ark of Taste is a catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of extinction.

1908 Hypoluxo Road * P. O. Box 3168 * Lantana, Florida 33462
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