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Hatcher Mangoes are the BEST ON EARTH!

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We asked our customers for their opinions. 
Here's what they say!


Dear Marilynn, after having tasted your mangos I want to put in an order for a super box.  Whenever you have them available, just let me know.  I usually go to the Philippines during Mango season but since I have tasted your Mangos I can save the trip.  --Albert Lauper

I remember when me and my brother were little we used to chase the rolling mangos down the hill.  We would have so much fun.  We would have races to see who would catch their mangos first.  And since the Hatcher mangos are so big they would really fly down the hill.  We had a great time.   Signed your grandson,     --Cody Zeitler

Marilyn, my husband and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your family for the Hatcher Mango tree that we just purchased to plant in our yard.  Since moving to Florida from the Northeast we have found that there are mangos and then there are "Hatcher Mangos".  The normal mango is 70% pit and 30% fruit.  The reason why we fell in love with the Hatcher Mango is because it is only 70% fruit and 30% pit (the "Hatcher Secret").  Now we are excited to watch the tree grow and product for our family years and years of great mangos. Thank you again.  --Judi and Bob Sibulkin, Atlantis

I thought I would let you know that I was pleasantly surprised to receive the mangoes yesterday.  They arrived well-packed and fresh.  I quickly sampled one and was quite impressed by the blend of sweetness and juiciness.  Thank you so much for the joy the Hatcher mangoes brought to my family.  --Evelyn from Ohio

I am another generation of the "Hatcher Mango Fan Club".  Please put me on your list when you have some mangos ready to sell.  I'd like to have some shipped to my son in North Carolina, also.  And thanks for the nice note about my Mom!  To her, there were none better in the world than the Hatcher Mango!  We have to agree!!  Thanks so much!   --Carmen Johnson, Stuart

Hi Marilynn, I got a call from my doctor on Thursday.  He and his wife are ecstatic about the mangoes.  Thank you so very very much.  Take care and I'll keep your family on my prayer list.  --Nancy McFarland Reeser of Pennsylvania

Thank you once again for sending Hatcher mangoes to my brother-in-law in Fargo, ND.  He will be out there on the front porch looking for the "Fed Ex Mango Man".  I remember my sister calling me years ago to thank me for the Hatcher Mangoes, never had she tasted such "exotic and luscious delight." She has been gone going on 5 years, but I know she would be pleased that Howard will once again receive the mangoes.  Much love to all of you at Hatchers Mango Hill.  P.S. I reviewed your recipe book again, and want to tell you the chutneys and relishes are tops here.  --Barbara Brodbeck, Palm Beach Gardens

Several years ago I experienced a mango from the Hatcher's nursery. They are indeed remarkable. Would it possible to be put on a list and be contacted when it is possible to place an order?  --Tom Julius, Charleston, SC

I just want to say I have never tasted a better mango than the Hatcher Mango.  Not only is the size superior to any other that I have ever seen but the fruit on these trees are unbelievable in quantify as well as quality.  I look forward to seeing you when you return to Florida.  --Lila Renfroe

Hatcher's Mango Hill is a national treasure, a beautiful grove that produces the best mangoes! -- James Belina

Squirrels always run right past any other mango on their way to a ripe Hatcher - Lantana's own!  --Donnie Brown, Lantana

There is no other mango like a Hatcher mango!  We love them.  --Jody and Bernie Braskamp, Palm City

Hatcher mangoes are so sweet and delicious that my wife makes me drive 40 miles up the highway each year to get her fruit.  I finally got smart and bought a tree!  --The Ryder Family, Hollywood

Hatcher Mangos are the best.  Marilynn and Dick are the greatest friends a person can have.  I love them as much as I love the Hatcher mangoes.  --Barbara Butler, Boynton Beach

We are waiting every year for your mangoes, the most delicious ones in Florida.  --Sonia Tadros

Hatcher mangoes have this Jamaican's seal of approval.  Hatcher trees are a part of the Chen family...  THANK YOU!  --Roger Chen, Stuart

Hatcher mangoes are one of the sweetest and less stringy mangoes I've ever had.  --Len Kruger, Delray Beach

My Ottawa friends from Canada really love your Hatcher mangoes!  --David Lindberger

Hatchers are absolutely the best mango money can buy, or I can grow, thanks to my Hatcher tree!  No other mango even comes close for eating or for cooking!  --LeeAnn Grieser

Hatchers are the best mangoes I've ever eaten!  You'll love them.  --Steven Bayette

Yearly I look forward to Hatcher's mango crop.  No one has or ever will taste a better mango.  God has truly blessed the Hatchers!  --Betty Gerlach, Palm Beach

Hatchers are the very best mangoes in Florida!  --Tom Barnes and Cindy Kinkela

The Hatcher Mango is definitely the Rolls Royce of mangoes.  --(unsigned) Hatcher Mango Hill customer

I have known the Hatchers since I was about two years old.  I have always eaten their mangoes and they are the best!  I will only eat the Hatcher mangoes!   --Crystal MacConnell

Hatcher mangoes are the very best of ALL fruits!  --R.G. Handy

Don't judge mangoes until you've tried a Hatcher ... they are delicious.  --Brenda Geesey

Fantastic mangoes.  Awesome in smoothies, mango margaritas and mango chutney ... or just plain eating.  --Matt Swansen

Best mangoes on the planet.  --Bill Carlock

Hatcher mangoes are the greatest and best mangoes in the world.  We love them and get them every year. 
--Veronica Richard

Good quality mangoes, small seeds.  --Ryan Keith

Hatcher mangoes are so delicious - not stringy, but dark and sweet with a small pit.  We can't wait to eat a mango from our tree.  We SO enjoy eating them from Hatcher Mango Hill.  --(unsigned) Hatcher Mango Hill customer

Hatchers have full and delicious flesh.  Hatcher really "hatched" something good here.  --Willet and Rita Floris, Boynton Beach

I've been buying these mangoes for 30 years!  --Johnny S. Flint

Hatcher mangoes are one of the best!  Add that to the friendly service, makes you always come back! 
--Kay Etwood

We drive down from Sebastian for these wonderful Hatcher mangoes and to see the nice folks who grow them.  Our best!  --Tom and Pat Barnes

I've been eating Hatcher mangoes for over 30 years now and they're the best mangoes you can ever imagine eating!  They are better than any you can buy in any food market!  Love 'em.  --Bonnie Knapp

We purchased a Hatcher tree in 1995 and every year it has provided lots and lots of juicy ripe mangos ... Even the squirrels like 'em.  We highly recommend these trees and mangos.  Ours even bore fruit the first year after planting.  --(unsigned) Hatcher Mango Hill Customer

Hatcher mangoes are undoubtedly among the best in the world!  I have been purchasing and traveling with these mangoes for years.  People absolutely love them, and all agree they are unlike anything else.  --Omar Doyley

Hatcher mangoes are the best and most delicious!  Just found out about them last year and they're great.  I have a produce man but I still come to Hatcher Mango Hill for the mangoes!  Thank you.  --Wendy A. Ganes

Hatcher mangoes are the best mangoes I've ever had.  I've been in Florida for 31 years.  Everyone I've ever given one of these mangoes loves them.  Thanks so much!  --M. Darlie

Hatcher mangoes and the family that lovingly serves them are two gifts to our community.  These are the best mangoes in the world!  Thank you for enabling me to enjoy them.  --The Zlatic Family, Boynton Beach (Marty, Dee, Brie, Demery)

Hatcher mangoes are delicious and sweet!  --A. Aldres, Miami

Simply the best ever -- nothing can compare to the mangoes at Hatcher Mango Hill.  -Ned Gusty & Morgan Reed, Hypoluxo

I first tasted the Hatcher mangoes in 1996 and I fell in love with them.  I have eaten mangoes from all over the world but these are the best!  --Herb McKenzie

If you want the best, Hatcher is your choice!  --Paula Newman

I have had many mangoes and I have truly found Hatcher mangoes to be one of the best!  --Gregg Williams




1908  Hypoluxo  Road

P. O. Box  3168

Lantana,  FL  33465